Azfasst Green Tea Gel for Sensitive Skin Details

Designed Specifically for Sensitive Skin

Azfasst Green Tea Gel for Sensitive Skin is an oil-free gel that gently exfoliates to brighten and freshen skin and lighten brown spots.   Customer Testimonials:
  • Designed for individuals with sensitive skin
  • Lightens brown spots
  • Diminishes redness
  • Revitalizes sun-damaged skin

Janice, Age 56

"Katie, my daughter-in-law, got me this product, because she thought that with my skin type, combination, but more on the dry side, that it would be beneficial to my skin.

Azfasst Green Tea Gel for Sensitive Skin

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She was right and I am very glad she introduced me to this gel. My skin is so much more smooth and clear and it doesn't dry out."

Karen, Age 43

"My skin gets very dry and I am always hesitant to apply gel products to it. But after hearing how my friend loved the regular Azfasst Gel, I wanted to give the Sensitive Gel a try. And I'm glad I did. I now have smoother skin that appears to be less wrinkly around my mouth area. Plus, it hasn't dried out my face once."

Rosa, Age 24

"I love trying new face products, but tend to have bad results with them -- my skin dries out and I move on to the next product. When I came across Azfasst and saw that they offered a Sensitive Gel, I thought, why no try it? I've been using this gel for 3 weeks or so and so far, the results have been good. My skin hasn't dried out yet, but I only use it once a day. I can already tell that my skin is firmer, which is nice."

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