In 2007, Azfasst was founded by dermatologist Dr. Anne Riordan for the purpose of developing and distributing skin care products that promote healthy skin and reverse the signs of aging. 

Dr. Riordan set out with a goal to raise the bar in skin care product standards – to find healthy, natural skincare solutions that deliver visible results.

Over the years, Dr. Riordan has worked with professional chemists, microbiologists and physicians to perfect the chemistry of Azfasst’s product formulas. Azfasst’s advanced formulas combine an antioxidant- and vitamin-rich green tea base along with powerful skin care ingredients to produce equal or better results over conventional beauty products.

As an abundant source of plant polyphenols (that comprise catechins), green tea offers strong medicinal and therapeutic properties, and has become an increasingly popular beauty remedy.

Azfasst skin care products are founded on the antioxidant benefits of green tea extract. Research has shown that the polyphenols of green tea extract has resulted in many benefits for the skin after topical application, including age-defying and skin-soothing properties. Combined with other active ingredients, our products’ powerful formulas cleanse, moisturize and protect skin from further damage.

Age Defying

The rich quantity of polyphenols in green tea extract are known to improve the skin’s natural glow and tone, as well as counter the signs of premature aging.

Anti-Inflammatory & Acne Control

The catechins in green tea, especially Epigallocatechin-3-Gallate (or EGCG, widely known as one of the most powerful antioxidants) as well as its caffeine content act as antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agents that offer natural astringent qualities to detoxify the skin, which in turn can help eliminate bacteria and reduce inflammation in the skin’s pores associated with acne.

Free Radical Scavenging & Sun Protection

Research has shown that green tea can reduce sun damage. Due to its potent, antioxidant EGCG property, derived from the polyphenols, green tea extract has the ability to help repair DNA, protect cells against free radial damage and even boost the immune system.

Overall, Azfasst products offer unique solutions for virtually all skin types, including sensitive skin. So, whether you’re looking to calm redness, minimize dark spots, smooth fine lines or soothe irritation, our gentle, yet effective, green tea skin care products will help clarify, repair and hydrate your skin for a softer, smoother and more radiant glow.

The Azfasst Green Tea Facial Gel was the first skin care product developed by Azfasst, followed by the Azfasst Green Tea Cleanser and then the Azfasst Green Tea Moisturizer. At Azfasst, we are continuously committed to bringing other quality products to the market to elevate the standards in skin care health.

Check out our green tea skin care products today and start reversing the signs of aging!

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