I have used the Azfasst facial gel for years. It has a light feeling on your face and a little bit goes a long way. I would recommend this product.

Bob D. (product review from Amazon.com)

My 46 year old sensitive, acne prone skin has never looked more clear, radiant and smooth. Honestly, it glows. My skin has never looked so amazing in my life. I've had this tube for almost a year and it's not even half empty. Amazing price.

Diane B. (product review from Amazon.com)

I have very sensitive skin and Azfasst made my skin softer. it was easy to use. I'm going to check out the rest of the product line.

Faith Z. (product review from Amazon.com)

I have sensitive skin so am very cautious about facial products. Azfasst does not disappoint! My skin feels smoother, tighter and best of all I did not have any reaction - no rash, breakouts, etc. - yeah! Love the delivery, that the dispenser is on the bottom....as I hate to waste one bit of a great product. I highly recommend Azfasst!

PCRW (product review from Amazon.com)

I have been using Azfasst products now for about 5 years. Love them. My skin has never looked better. Thank you.

Evelyn C. (product review from Amazon.com)

It has more then met my expectations!!

Bonnie Grabble (product review from Amazon.com)

I think the packaging is good for easy travel. Feels good on my skin and I liked it because of no strong smell.

Sandy Bowling (product review from Amazon.com)

I am an older woman who cares about her personal appearance and never wants to look my age. I have been using Azfasst for over a year now and have found that the fine lines around my eyes have been diminished. Everyone asks what am I doing to look so terrific. I recommend Azfasst eye cream and I also love their moisturer. It replenishes the moisture is my face and hands, which we seniors need. Maintainance is the name of the game when you are older and Azfasst has come to the rescue in skin care for me.

Anne Bridget C. (product review from Amazon.com)

This eye cream is a life saver. I used to spend twice as much money on department store brand eye creams and saw no difference. This feels great on my skin and it works.

Steve (product review from Amazon.com)

I CANNOT IMAGINE EVER NOT USING YOUR PRODUCTS. SUMMER TIME AND NO MAKEUP IS FINE! My skin tone has evened out 90%. I am proud of my skin! Thank you so much!

Julie W.

Dear Dr. Riordan,

You are a genius. Azfasst is the absolute best acne product on the market and at the ripe old age of 49- I have ever used. This product has eliminated stress from my life by allowing me to get out of the mirror. My complexion is just about at 98.9% clear. You cannot see it on my face or more importantly in my eyes when I speak- anymore. Pain free emotionally and physically and I am blabbing it to everyone who inquires. Affordable. My son 17 is using it and 4 weeks approximate sees a difference and finally a sense of control over the problem. Its exactly what we needed and what no other scrubs or topicals HAS EVER DONE. Thank you truly Thank you.

Laurie, Age 49

Dear Azfasst,

I have been using your product for about 8 months now and at first I really didn't use it that much, but started using it regularly to get ready for my wedding, which was in July, 2010.

After about 3 weeks of using it once a day, every day I could tell that my skin was noticeably softer. So I started using it twice a day. I've been on the twice a day routine for about 2 months and it is truly amazing how great my skin looks and feels! It's like there was a dull layer of skin there before and Azfasst has removed it, revealing smoother skin!

I didn't even have to wear concealer or power on my face for my wedding - it was great! Also because I have a slight tan from summer, I was worried that my face would appear paler - but Azfasst did not affect my tan on my face at all. I only use a little and I think the bottle will last me quite a while, so it was a great investment! Thanks for such a great product.

Allison, St. Louis, Missouri, Age 23

I just wanted to let you know that I have been using AZFASST for about 5 weeks and I absolutely love it! I could see the difference in my skin in only a few days and I will continue to use it. I am 60 years old, I have been religiously getting glycolic peels from a licensed esthetician for a number of years so my skin is in good condition. I saw a segment on one of the local TV stations and decided to give AZFASST a try. I believe there is always room for improvement and I like to try new things. I recommended it to my sister-in-law and she loves it also. The size of my pores has been reduced considerably and my skin actually feels and looks "normal." I will continue to use and recommend it to as many people as I can. The price is unbelievably reasonable for such a great product. I am sold! Thank you, thank you!

Kathy, Age 60

Dear Creators of Azfasst,

I've tried every acne product under the sun in my life. In high school I never dealt with acne issues. But in college I developed depression and a plethora of medical problems. With those problems came the worse acne. I've spent thousands of dollars on everything from Clean and Clear to Proactive. Nothing worked. Then in the last year I developed a rough case of rosacea on my right cheek. And the acne began scaring my face. Makeup made it worse and the acne began to spread to my chest and back.

Finally one day my mother came home with Azfasst and I decided "well, what's one more product" and gave it a try. I've been using it for 4 months now, twice a day. Just the gel topical treatment coupled with a face wash from Avon. In a week I was able to see my face clearing up. It also reduced the redness of my rosacea. Even my acne scars are less visible now.

I'm writing to thank you so much for giving me some of my self confidence back. I'm hoping to go back into modeling again and I no longer try to hide parts of my face when photographed, or have to worry about makeup breaking me out. I'm still fighting a battle with my body acne, but knowing my face is clearing is just a freeing feeling.  -Love from a customer who believes in your product

B.M., St. Louis, Missouri, Age 25

My daughter actually recommended Azfasst to me. But because I am 30 plus years older than her and have sensitive skin, I was very skeptical about this product working. After using Azfasst for about 4 months, twice a day, I have found that it is easy to use and it doesn't burn or cause redness like other products. And I love that it helps smooth out the wrinkles around my eyes.

I wish I had this product when I was 30 or 40 years old because the earlier you take care of your skin the better. I found that Azfasst works on my hands too. I just rub the excess on my hands and I have noticed they are smoother and the lines don't look as deep. I will continue using Azfasst and recommending it to my friends because it works and is really affordable compared to all the expensive anti-aging products at the drug store. Thanks!

Gayle, Missouri, Age 59

Hi there!

My mom introduced Azfasst to me. I have adult acne prone skin, and interestingly enough never had an acne problem until my early 30's. I think Azfasst is really helping, so I wanted to thank you for creating this product! Thank you so much! :) Thank you very much for your time, and have a great day!

Kindest regards, Laura, early 30's

I can't wait to tell you what an amazing product this is! I purchased Azfasst about 2 months ago when Great Day St. Louis had Dr Riordan on and they were giving away free shipping that day to anyone that purchased. I have suffered with rosacea for over 30 years, and no other Dr or prescription helped, so I thought I'd try this product. Yes, finally I found the perfect product! It does everything it says and more. I am your customer for life.

Mary L

I've been using Azfasst for over a year now and must say I love it! I started out using it 2 times a day, then went down to 1 time. My skin is combination, but more on the oily side. It dries out easily and during the winter months, I actually use Azfasst about 1 to 2 times a week. In the summer, I kick it back up to once a day use. This product has been helpful with the oiliness and has tightened my skin up and made it smoother. I use it after I wash my face, in combination with a moisturizer and a wrinkle cream on my neck. It's a great product at a great price and I suggest it to friends and family members all the time. Thanks Dr. Riordan!

M.W., Age 28

I have been using Azfasst for a couple of months. I am 54 and never had acne as a teenager, however, at about 45 I started getting breakouts every summer. No matter what I used it didn't help. I am happy to say that since I have been using your product...Not ONE SINGLE BREAKOUT. I love you guys.

Kimberly, Missouri, Age 54

I have been using Azfasst for about three months now, going on four. I have never in my life experienced the freedom of clear skin like I am now experiencing. I am 52 years old and still had breakouts due to oily skin. I have not only noticed how clear my skin has been but also how my large pores have diminished. I am absolutely thrilled with this product. I just shared my good news with a family member and she just ordered her first set of Azfasst products. I am sure she will be as happy as I am. It is so wonderful to wake up every morning knowing that my face will be clear. I am no longer self conscious about being seen without makeup as my blemish scars have disappeared. I hope in the future that you come up with a good eye cream that takes care of wrinkles and puffiness!!! Thank you for taking the time, money and effort to make a product that actually WORKS!

J.W., Age 52


I already have a testimonial on your website (JW age 52), but I have an update....I am now 53 and still an avid Azfaast user. I caught a glimpse of my skin in my car mirror the other day and had to take a second look. Usually that mirror provokes an "Ugh" response as you get the outside light hitting you from both sides. I was shocked to see clear, glowing skin with tiny pores looking back at me. I was so happy! I use your product every day and now my daughter is hooked as well. She is very concerned about sun damage and eagerly awaits the lotion with sunscreen. I hope that you create an eye cream as well. That would be the last perfect piece to my puzzle! Thank you again for the gift of beautiful skin. What a difference your product has made. That first look in the mirror in the morning is so positive now!!