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Julie W.

...My skin tone has evened out 90%. I am proud of my skin!
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Laurie - Age 49

You are a genius. Azfasst is the absolute best acne product on the market and at the ripe old age of 49- I have ever used...
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Allison - Age 23

After about 3 weeks of using it once a day, every day I could tell that my skin was noticeably softer. So I started using it twice a day....
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Kathy - Age 60

I just wanted to let you know that I have been using AZFASST for about 5 weeks and I absolutely love it! I could see the difference in my skin in only a few days ...

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B.M. - Age 25

I've tried every acne product under the sun in my life. In high school I never dealt with acne issues. But in college I developed depression and a plethora of medical problems....
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Gayle - Age 59

My daughter actually recommended Azfasst to me. But because I am 30 plus years older than her and have sensitive skin, I was very skeptical about this product working...

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Laura - Age 30's

I have adult acne prone skin, and interestingly enough never had an acne problem until my early 30's ...

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I can't wait to tell you what an amazing product this is! I purchased Azfasst about 2 months ago when Great Day St. Louis had Dr. Riordan on and they were giving away free shipping that day to anyone that purchased ....

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M.W. - Age 28

I've been using Azfasst for over a year now and must say I love it! I started out using it 2 times a day, then went down to 1 time. My skin is combination, but more on the oily side. It dries out easily...

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Kimberly - Age 54

I have been using Azfasst for a couple of months. I am 54 and never had acne as a teenager, however, at about 45 I started getting breakouts every summer. No matter what I used...

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J.W. - Age 52 - UPDATE!!!

I have been using Azfasst for about three months now, going on four. I have never in my life experienced the freedom of clear skin like I am now experiencing...

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"My skin is a lot smoother."   "It just really improved the texture of my skin."   "My skin feels clean--doesn't feel tight, doesn't feel dry."
"I've seen a change in my skin--it's smoother and less acne."   "I'm very pleased, will not go back. It's very cost effective."    
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